Author:Tania Roberts
A Little Book Of Sonnets
Author:Julie Leibrich
Beyond the Ohlala Mountains: Alan Brunton Poems 1968-2002
Author:Alan Brunton (Edited by Michele Leggott & Martin Edmond)
Bird Murder
Author:Stephanie Lash
Series:Hoopla Series
Reading Level:Very Good
Born to a Red-Headed Woman
Author:Kay McKenzie Cooke
Reading Level:Very Good
Broken Wings
Author:Yilma Tafere Tasew
Author:Helen Rickerby
Series:Hoopla Series
Reading Level:Very Good
Author:Siobhan Harvey
Dreamers Hokianga Stories
Author:Susy Pointon
Eastbourne: an anthology
Author:Mary McCallum, Anne Manchester & Maggie Rainey-Smith (Editors)